Welcome to the Museum of Organ Construction, Hanstein Castle in Ostheim v. d. Rhön

If the organ is the “Queen of Instruments”, then organ-making is a very special (art and) craft!

In the organ, music and culture are linked particularly intimately with the technical abilities of craftsmen. Since ancient times, developments in organ construction have continuously opened up new worlds of sound which have left their traces in the history of music, thought and culture. The organ has had an impact on the way the world is seen.

Get immersed in the 2000-year history of the organ. Let the organ sounds of different musical epochs captivate you and discover in every room the technology behind the art of the organists!

Children are especially welcome in the Museum! Equipped with an Explorer Rucksack, you can explore the Museum and solve puzzles at special stations for children. Our Museum mascot “Orgelinchen” will help you along!